Superfood Salad

Superfood Salad (Veggie or Vegan)

Just reading about this salad makes you feel healthy bright eyed and bushy tailed: with fresh Ginger, honey, lime and herb dressing, beetroot, pumpkin, feta and more. Those new year resolutions are made for this salad and its great to take to work or college too. You can add in or substitute anything to make it work for you – if you omit the feta … Continue reading Superfood Salad (Veggie or Vegan)

Earthy Causewayside

Its been a while and I realised I forgot to add my review of Earthy on here! There are three Earthy market stores: Causewayside, Canonmills, and Portobello. The shops are brimming with the best and tastiest local, seasonal and organic produce, food and drink from over 100 local producers, as well as supporting artisan producers, fair-trade growers and co-operatives from further afield.ย Earthy began back in … Continue reading Earthy Causewayside