Its Sunday… have a Negroni

Negroni’s are in my mind the king of cocktails – I love them. Campari is the key to the Negroni, which is one of the best aperitifs you will find along with sweet vermouth. Drinking straight vermouth or Vermut will always remind me of my ex’s dad Ferran. On a Sunday afternoon lazing by the pool he would always suggest a vermut in an attempt to pretend we were not actually going to have a negroni or three and be legless before lunch!

Campari can be an acquired taste that some people will love while others will not, though the nice thing about this cocktail is that the sweet vermouth offsets some of the bitterness of the Italian spirit. This also makes the Negroni a nice drink to train your tastebuds to enjoy bitter aperitifs. Soon you will be on those irn bru disguised Aperol spritz!

Negroni Please!
Negroni Please!

The Negroni can also be shaken and served in a cocktail glass for a fancy display.

  • 25ml vermouth
  • 25ml Campari
  • 25ml gin – I prefer Pickerings
  • Orange/grapefruit twist or olive
  • Dash or two of orange bitters (or bitters)
  • Ice of course

To be honest I never measure them!

Pour all three into an old fashioned with plenty of ice and enjoy! I am sure many of my friends who are far better at cocktails and vary the amounts of each better than me make much a better one than me but this is my version so there! (A nod to cocktail maker extroadinaires James and Guy!)

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