Tuk Tuk Edinburgh

Tuk Tuk inside
Tuk Tuk inside

Tuk Tuk currently have a great deal on – every Monday TUK TUK, home to Scotland’s Indian street food, is leaving fate to chance by giving diners who roll a six a free meal! With this exciting new game on we decided it would be a good idea to take them up on their invite.

The restaurant is located on Leven Street and stands out even on a grey evening not only for the bring orange signage but also by the tuk tuk parked outside! As we walked in the restaurant was about half full with a real mix of people and a friendly buzzing atmosphere. The tables and chairs are rustic yet modern and complemented by the wacky Bollywood artwork on the walls. The music adds to the colourful atmosphere with a background of eclectic Indian tunes.

The Menu
The Menu

The menu gives a really great selection with around a quarter of the dishes vegetarian or offering a vegetarian option. The theme is Indian road and railway street food as eaten by the real tuk tuk wallahs. They suggest 3-4 dishes per person as they are served in smaller size portions, and that was definitely more than enough for us.

Our Food - Yum!
Our Food – Yum!

Starters were poppadoms and pickles which we devoured as we were starving! The rest of the food arrived really quickly. We ordered Vegetable samosas (£3.95) which were really crispy, full of the vegetable filling and served with tamarind dips. The Ginger Garlic Chicken (£4.90) which for me was a real standout – succulent chicken with a rich and garlicky sauce that went perfectly with our Peshwari nan. Raste Ke Biryani (£5.20) of on the bone chicken and scented rice was a great way to add some carbs with a tasty rice dish. My other choice, the Lentil Dahl (£4.10) however was a bit thin and watery but luckily the Sag Paneer (£4.25) which is one of my favourite Indian dishes was great and theirs had just the right amount of heat.

Our server came over to tempt us with desserts, now while I love lassi’s they are not really desserts and I realised that apart from those I hadn’t really got any idea what the desserts would be like! He recommended we try a Jalebi which is a deep fried sweet dessert. I think by the end we were probably in a sugar coma but they were really moreish and tasty so we had to finish the lot!

TUK TUK is perfect for families or friends wanting to celebrate a special occasion or just looking for a twist to traditional Indian cuisine and their bring your own bottle policy (with no corkage fee) also keeps the prices low. Its easy for those of you sunning yourselves all day on the Meadows to head over, and its location opposite the King’s theatre makes it perfect for pre-theatre dining.

Opening times 12.30–10pm.

Website tuktukonline.com


Great Decor!
Great Decor!

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