Burger Meats Bun!

BMB is located on Forth Street where Urban Angel used to reside. When we went in our server said that the new managers had retained the old team, which we were very pleased to hear. Having seen many tweets of the daily specials we were very excited to head over to BMB last Thursday evening after a couple of post work cocktails at the Bon Vivant. Burger’s that’ll blow your box are the name of the game here and they certainly do the job!  At Burger Meats Bun they are dedicated to producing the tastiest burgers, a claim made by many in Edinburgh and lets be honest not achieved by many.

The restaurant is run by two friends that met working at the renowned, Michelin-starred, Peat Inn in Fife who decided to turn the pub talk into real action and jacked in their jobs to follow their dreams of creating the best burgers in town, heavenly wings & awesome fries.

The Beef-burger
The Beef-burger

The menu is pretty simple with plenty of sides but no real ‘starters’. Your key choices are chicken, beef or veg with cheese, bacon or a fiery chilli option. We all of course took the beef route with a bacon chees burger and two chilli burgers on order we turned our attention to the sides. The chilli cheese chips intrigued me… and my word they were amazing! If the burgers are designed to blow your box then why do they make the chips so darn good!

Our burgers arrived and there wasn’t a plate in sight – each of the burgers were wrapped in paper, take-away style, and sides in paper cartons. The burgers were exceptionally good – succulent and with just the right amount of heat, balanced perfectly with the soft and sweet brioche bun.

The sides were equally good and the chips show stopping! I’m not sure I will ever be able to eat another chip unless it’s smothered in spices and cheese! They might have been small but the Buffalo wings also packed a punch and tasted perfect with a thick lashing of creamy blue cheese dressing – yum. We enjoyed our burgers with some Happy Chappy Pale ale (ironic given the company @bouchierbants!), which was the perfect accompaniment. Thanks guys, we will be back!

The Menu
The Menu

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