Quick and easy summer dinners

Salmon Nicoise Salad
Salmon Nicoise Salad

It’s summer time and the weather is actually not too bad so with that in mind here is a great recipe for a Niçoise salad made with Salmon rather than tuna for a change. The salmon is high in good fats and protein plus the addition of the egg will keep you full all afternoon. I have used Tesco’s pre cooked sweet chilli salmon fillets. All the main shops have their own version of marinated salmon fillets but I really like these ones. There are 2 in a pack and cost £3.50/4.

2 Salmon fillets

2-3 ripe tomatoes or cherry tomatoes

2 inch piece diced cucumber

1 spring onion chopped

approx 10 boiled new potatoes 4-5 per person

2 eggs – soft boiled and halved

15-20 Black olives

tablespoon capers

Pack of steamed asparagus spears

Lettuce – mixed

Chopped parsley and dill

Salt and pepper to season


French dressing – Juice ½ lemon, 3 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon vinegar (raspberry or balsamic), 1 tsp Dijon mustard – mix well and pour over.


Chop all the salad ingredients and assemble on the plates. Add the olives and capers, season, dress and eat! Easy, quick and healthy summer eating.

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