Wearenusou noodle pot - fresh and tasty

Nusou – Seriously good street food!

Finding the best street food in Edinburgh is a very worthwhile self appointed mission I feel, especially with the upcoming Edinburgh Festival Fringe bringing so many street food traders to our doorstep…

The term ‘Street food’ relates to a relatively new concept in the UK or at least new for you to find people doing it really well. It has various influences and inspirations, however, it is generally considered to be artisan food sold on the streets, or more accurately, not served from restaurants or café’s. Edinburgh seems to be busy getting Street food happy and here is a little review of one of my new favourites

I am always really inspired visiting Edinburgh Famers Market and love the fantastic selection of food on offer. You can get pretty much anything you want and we have created some fantastic dinners from venison to langostines and everything in between. Aside from the food shopping I love getting something to eat while I am there and on my list to search out and find for a while has been the infamous Nusou noodle van!

They bring you fresh, delicious, gourmet Noodle Soups all cooked fresh to order with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients that are inspired by the excitement, passion and honesty of Asian Street Food.

I agree with them completely that sadly when it comes to Fast Food choices it’s a very different story to the many lovely restaurants we have in Edinburgh with the primary cooked to order food options consisting of processed, frozen deep fried crap that have been made days before, or really rather boring sandwiches.

They have a custom built Food Truck which stands out in black and bright green where they create their perfect Noodle Soups – having just sold our surf van I was feeling a bit nostalgic seeing their fancy mobile cooking equipment!

While you wait (a very short 3 minutes!) for your noodles you can stand back, listen to the music, and watch the chaps were quickly, assembling things to order. They have three size options with three central element choices: pork meatballs, chicken or tofu. These were served with an array of fresh vegetables, a carefully crafted broth and noodles. They have also started doing salad pots for the summer too.

With a brimming pot of tofu noodles, topped with peanuts and chilli and some healthy looking greenery I sat on a bench to enjoy my tasty little pot. It was fabulous – I loved it. Really tasty broth with lovely fresh vegetables and perfectly cooked noodles. I can highly recommend going to seek out Nusou soon and getting yourself one, the pork meatballs are next on my hit list.

https://www.facebook.com/events/1488300188067664/ They are also in the British Street Food finals too representing Scotland and will be in St Andrew Sq Gardens for the Festival!


Twitter @wearenusou


My rating 10/10!

Wearenusou noodle pot - fresh and tasty
Wearenusou noodle pot – fresh and tasty

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