Edinburgh View

The first post from Edinburgh

Edinburgh View
View of the city and the famous Balmoral Clock

Why don’t we move to Edinburgh?

In 2012 we decided to move to Edinburgh and have been living in the city centre ever since. We arrived in Edinburgh to the familiar Yorkshire rain in the middle of the Fringe festival as Edinburgh laughs out loud. On the Royal Mile strange folk were run around shouting at people from across the street, a gaggle of tourists gather, eager and impressed, teenagers joined at the lips are inseparable on street corners and the sound of bagpipes drifts from the Castle ramparts. Its exciting vertical architecture and maze of streets reveals the depth of the city’s history and yet, on the horizontal, on the ground, there are places to be discovered in which the new, exciting and the unexpected can flourish.

Welcome to Edinburgh.

‘Edinburghers’ love Edinburgh its fair to say – apparently they’re the most content in the UK and you can see why. I didn’t understand this before I arrived, but coming from York where I think we have a similar outlook and love for our little ‘village city’ I was eager to start.  After a few weeks of applications and an empty inbox a slight foreboding began to creep into my consciousness and a mild case of cabin fever. Finally I found a job in the city centre which has allowed me to get involved with all the things I love – food, drinks, events and local gems and selling these to the world. Not bad for a Yorkshire lass with no sense of direction.

For me Edinburgh has everything and never fails to surprise and delight. The people are enthusiastic and welcoming which gives a lovely sense of belonging even after so short a time. I love the city, its culture and history, the breathtaking scenery, green spaces, the patchwork of villages that make up the city and above all, all the exciting foodie treats that sit around every corner.

This blog will feature many of our days and nights out, reviews of places both home and abroad, top ten places to go, recipes and of course the wonderful drinks enjoyed along the way!

Great Dog Walking
The city from Blackford Hill

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